Get over sing

There are no upcoming events right now.

We are beginning the Spring with a show at Colony in Tulsa on Saturday, April 2. Then on to Easter Island Music Festival (a 3-day event) where we will play the Friday night (April 15) at 10:00. Oh boy!

We March Fourth on First Friday in the Brady district of downtown Tulsa.

The Soundpony Bar is already a legendary venue among those who love a variety of musics and on Friday, March 4th, we GCR are joining up with another Tulsa icon (and personal favorite) Klondike5 String Band. K5 will drop the curtain at 10pm and we will interchange parts and members and finally close out the evening with a Green Corn Piano set (what does this mean?). Much dancing and revelry, frown conversion is guaranteed. Only children over the age of 21 allowed, so go get a sitter and shake your baby maker!
For Friday, February 5, Amy and Kevin have invited us to perform at "Soul City" for the Songbook Poets series, and to tell the audience a little bit about where we draw ideas and inspiration to write what we write. I'm sure we will all find surprise and delight at the answers. All ages, dinner, drinks and dancing on site. We will have copies of the new recording "Halftime" and other GCR flair available.

GCR at Soul City fb event link
We all did it!

Thank you all who made our release party a smashing success! Our next outing is January 2 at Colony

See you there,

The Green Corn Rebellion Family
Great year so far in GCR Land, just finishing up a 10 song recording (working title "Halftime") while working up 15 or so even newer tunes we've been bringing to our live shows. Plans to hit the studio again in the fall to capture the newest ideas. Check our schedule below for upcoming shows/ displays of raw animal madness. 

Much thanks to our many supporters who herald our music to the rest of the public, wouldn't have gotten this far with out you.

Still not sure about all this? The first two recordings are available here:

We returned to the studio on Superbowl Sunday and began our next record "Halftime".  We'll be working on it for the next handful of months and
hope to have it out by early Autumn. 

Enjoy Yourself!
We started off 2015 playing to a packed house at the Soundpony Lounge on Friday the 2nd, sure love that spot - good clean fun. Next up we have shows at two top tier (but not too fancy) Okie restaurants, Saturday, January 31st at Chimera in Tulsa and February 7 at Frank and Lola's in Bartlesville. Either spoon can easily satiate the most picky of eaters.

We are beginning studio work on our third release - will keep y'all in the loop to it's progress.

Also, we've picked the dates May 1, and 2 for a live recording upstairs at the Fur Shop in downtown Tulsa - so put that in your moleskins, folks!